Friday, March 27, 2015

weekend read file.

Happy Friday Everyone! What are you doing this weekend? My Mom is in town for a visit and staying with us through the weekend! I know I have been in and out on the blog lately - so hang with me - I do mean to post more, it has just been getting lost in the mix. Nevertheless, I have reading material for you!

First, this interesting piece on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the WashingtonPost. If you haven't read some of his op-eds and writing over the last year or two, he is really quite something. For instance, his recent TIME piece after the Paris attacks or this piece - probably one of his best - after the NBA-Sterling scandal last year.

Baby season has begun in our circle of friends...and I thought this piece was speaks for itself - 18 Women on What Contractions Really Feel Like.

Ben sent me this read last month and it is fascinating and powerful. We have talked about it in rounds a couple of times and it is amazing how relevant it is and how you will end up mentioning it in conversations and thinking about it - highly recommend it - How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Saccos Life.

Oh yeah, and then there's this guy - a Utah state representative. Yes, that's right, he said that - Utah Republican wonders if it's ok to rape an unconscious woman as long as that unconscious woman is your wife. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.....

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