Thursday, December 29, 2016

reading list - kerr time.

Read of the week, this NYTimes piece, Tragedy Made Steve Kerr See the World Beyond the Court. Highly recommend....

project patio.

Hope the holidays have been wonderful! Ben and I just got back to SF last night after a fantastic couple of days in Palm Springs and Christmas celebration with my family in Denver. And now that we are back, I am ready to get started on 2017 and that includes doing something with our patio that we have severely underused for the past year. Updates to come, but to give an idea, here is what we are starting with....

Friday, December 16, 2016

read of the week.

I meant to post this NYTimes piece about the Philippines last week - highly recommend it - both the format and styling but most importantly the substance of this piece are powerful to say the least.

travelogue ~ hyderabad, india.

I've been delinquent on posting about my quick trip to India. I went to Hyderabad for work, and while it was only a couple of days, it was an awesome glimpse into India. I ate my fill of butter chicken (no, seriously, I really ate too much butter chicken) and my colleague, Gaurav, was so hospitable and the perfect company.  In truth, we working a lot and didn't get out to see as much as I would have liked. Also, Hyd is huge and spread out and it takes forever to get anywhere because of the traffic, and I did not do a good job of documenting and taking pictures. Nonetheless, here are a couple highlights from the tour de force!

It such a big city in all directions, buildings upon buildings...

We went to a market near the office - I loved the colors in this wrap and there were so many cool lamps and lanterns...

This guy selling heart balloons on the street made my night.

We took some rides in these "autos" - they are chaotic and amazing and a little unstable - but how could you not, right? Interesting bit, Uber is huge in India. People love the air conditioning, the closed car and they are frustrated with the autos and their prices - so there is a lot of intense competition.

On Saturday, before I left, I went to visit the Chowmahalla Palace. It was beautiful and empty, so I wandered through the palace buildings and the grounds.

And on the way back to the hotel, I took a couple pictures along the way...

It was a whirlwind visit and I feel so lucky to have gotten to go. And who knows, maybe Ben and I will make that trip soon...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hapi. Hapi. Hapi.

Loving all the prints over on Hapi

I happened to spot one in an instagram post earlier this week and hunted it down to this site and really loving all the color, and apparently I am taken by stripes! Also, totally reasonable price-tags on these, in case you are still on the hunt for good holiday gifts and this hits the a couple of my favorites. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

changing landscape.

Oh 2016. In the aftermath of the election, on a personal level for me and Ben, an underlying question and anxiety has been how this changes our long-term plans and goals, and very specifically, when will we move back to DC? Will we ever move back to DC? To be clear, we had no set time-line and this was not going to be an imminent return. We just got out to California and we are happy. But we also miss the east coast, and we have both felt we would head back east eventually - we just assumed it would be DC. That is no longer a foregone conclusion. When we were in NY, we debated whether a river town might be a new reality for us. So, who knows....

With all this said, we do really miss DC the city, so we were psyched to see the announcement that a new indian place, August 1 Five, is opening in SF and the chef was previously at Rasika! Can you say Palak Chaat? For anyone who knows DC and Rasika - this is huge news and this little piece of DC coming our way warms our hearts. DC we love you and miss you dearly - hang in there!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

holiday cheer.

Yay for December - the new year can't come soon enough! After a couple days in Palm Springs, we are headed to Denver to celebrate Christmas with my family. In case you are still gift buying, figured I would throw out some quick ideas - hope they help!

1. Recycled Glassware / 2. Be Nice to People Print  / 3. Guitar Hook / 4. Gingham patterned pillow from Etsy



5. Rodin Olio Lusso / 6. Time 100 Photographs Book / 7. White & Black Buffalo Check Throw / 8. Make Your Own Bird Wings