Tuesday, November 29, 2011

take a seat.

Don't these pieces of furniture just make you want to recline? Next time you are wandering through Soho, you should head into OCHRE and do just that!

eye on the prize.

It's crunch time. B and I are both staring down finals at the moment. Fortunately, there is California light at the end of this tunnel! Knowing that there is good company, fine food, and some wine country in the near future is the only thing making B's life bearable at the moment. Personally speaking, I am fixating on the Fremont Diner in Sonoma.
From here on out, whenever I need to de-stress I am just going to keep repeating "buttermilk biscuits" and visualizing rustic tables. Tell me you don't want to be sitting on a red stool at the Fremont Diner eating farm fresh breakfast?!

pillow fight.

My Mom got me a great gift for Christmas! She is buying me pillows for my couch. I may end up using them on my bed, because I need some color over there, but I digress. She also is opting to let me figure out what I want. Smart woman. She pulled herself out of the torturous process of it all! Anyway, here are a couple selections from Etsy. Favorites? Suggestions? Advice?

tricks of the trade.

I have been meaning to share two tips that have changed my life and will yours as well. So, put your game-face on and get ready for what I am about to tell you.

First, converting youtube music videos to music files. This is legal, easy and genius! Here is the step by step:
1. Find the youtube music video for the song you are looking for.
2. Copy the URL for this youtube video.
3. Open a new browser window and go to this website: http://www.video2mp3.net/
4. Paste the youtube video URL in the bar in the middle of the screen.
5. Click "convert" (note: "Standard Quality" is fine).
6. Wait about 10 seconds and then click on "skip this ad" (in the upper right corner) to continue the conversion.
7. When it completes it should download automatically. If not, just follow the simple directions to download it.
8. Drag the file into your itunes and wa-la!

Second, accessing the NYTimes. Because I am a student in debt I have no pangs about sharing this. However, for those of you with a salary and conscience, it should be said, that you should seriously weigh the effects and consider whether you are contributing to newspaper extinction or if want to support newspapers and good journalism and pay the subscription. Ok, now that I have hopefully guilted those who needed it and have that bit out of the way, let's get on with it (also, we should all thank E who is a force in her own right and figured this out!).
1. Click on the NYTimes article you want to read.
2. When you click on it, about 3 seconds after it loads, a window will pop up prompting you to sign up and pay.
3. Instead, go up to the URL bar and find the "?" toward the end of the URL.
4. Erase the "?" and everything after it. (For example: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/27/world/asia/pakistan-says-nato-helicopters-kill-dozens-of-soldiers.html?hp&gwh=E582BB9221F071EE8CA5ACCCCA3CEAB1)
5. Press enter.
6. Wa-la! Read your article!

That's all for now. You're welcome!

Monday, November 28, 2011

in focus.

Take a look at these gorgeous portraits of Cairo residents.

mapping it out.

I am looking for a cool map of Colorado for my bedroom wall. I have been looking for a while now to no avail. But, today I found this DC map that I like. Pretty sure I saw one very similar in the Hirshorn a couple weeks ago. Just thought you would want to know the latest thoughts on all things maps.

music mondays.

"More Than Life" by Whitley. I rediscovered it this weekend on the bus and it just sounds nice for a new week....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

party time.

Our winter ball is fast approaching and I need a dress. Thoughts on any of the above? I am loving the blue one in the middle but also intrigued by the other two.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

back to the future.

B sent me this Denver Post piece a couple weeks ago about a recently approved art installation in Colorado over the Arkansas River to debut in 2014! I am so excited for two reasons. First, I am a Colorado girl and this taps into my State pride. Second, the project is being led by Christo, the same artist who did the "Gates" in Central Park when I was in college.
He has also done a number of other renowned installations around the world including wrapping Germany's Reichstag in fabric. 
And, he even has past history with Colorado. He did this "Valley Curtain" in the 1970s.
This next project, "Over the River", will include eight panels/draperies suspended over the river for 5.9 miles. Apparently, there is a good deal of debate and contention about the project. But I for one, think it is great. Christo aims to take art out of just museums and galleries so that it interacts with elements in our lives and is more open to the public. Or, in his own words, "this is art beyond the gallery, beyond rooms of the rich collectors. This art is there for everybody. Nobody can buy this work of art."
"Over the River" is also purposefully being placed on a part of the river in southern Colorado where the wind will move the canopies and the backdrop will be the mountains. Mark your calendars for 2014!

giving thanks.

It was a short but very sweet t-giving in New York! As expected, among the many things accomplished was a lot of eating. We celebrated Thanksgiving eve with B's friends at Horsefeathers. The Old English burger was as good as last year.
Thanksgiving morning we worked some of the impending feast off with a gorgeous run through Rockefeller Park. 
During a scheduled study break, B prepared some mighty fine brussel sprouts for the feast. And, as you can see below, there was no shortage of food and color on the plates for all 27 people at dinner. (Not pictured is one of the best pumpkin pies I have ever had, the famous butter bunnies, and a jello mold that I am all about!). 
Finally, last night, we headed to Pepe's in Yonkers for pizza. 
There were other activities when we were taking a breather and digesting. These included, visits with B's newly engaged best friends, mani/pedis, a 15 minute date in which B took a break from studying and put the roof down to drive me by the Hudson, and of course some Michigan football. Alas, I am en route back to DC now but so thankful for friends, family and so many blessings....
and beauty...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

it's getting cold in here.

Martha Stewart might have spent some time in prison, but she still has some bright ideas. And by that I mean, edible flowers frozen in ice cubes! I love this and swear to you now, I promise to make these flowered ice cubes in the future. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll be invited to whatever classy cocktail party this is where I am inspired to freeze flowers in water and serve it in your drink. Cheers!

bagel time.

Huge news! Bethesda Bagels has opened just north of Dupont Circle. Why is this huge news for the people of the District? Because, to date, DC has been seriously hurting in the bagel department. I am keeping my expectations measured at the moment, but as soon as I am back in DC, I am heading straight for an everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

low line.

When I lived in NY, I tracked the High Line progress as it was being developed and loved the entire concept. I moved out of the city before it opened but B and I went for a visit (along with the millions of others) last year. So, reading about this new idea for a "low line" in the New York Times yesterday was very exciting! Apparently, there is a large space under Delancey street and there have been discussions to develop it into an underground park. How cool is that? Look at these pictures and read the article here!

jar inspiration.

I love jars. I do. I buy jam based on the jar and then use a lot of mental energy whenever I am making PB&J thinking about how to use the jar. I like to drink water out of them in my apartment. I love bell jars as vases. I used to use them for candles and storage. I could list the ways I like to use them. But, I'll spare you. Anyway, the point to this is I came upon this idea this morning. Oh. My. God. So obvious and yet brilliant! I am so excited to start using jars to make and take breakfast parfaits with me!
and a recipe to go with it....

sneaker time.

I have my eye on these Sauconys to kick around in. I need a new pair of something just to wear out with jeans and these are calling my name. And they are relatively cheap. Tough call.

Monday, November 21, 2011

oh new york, new york.

I'm headed north to New York tomorrow. So excited! I am having dinner with one of my best friends, T, in the city before I head up to Westchester for Thanksgiving. Most importantly, I finally get to see B... it has been 6 weeks. I've counted.

Today, while day dreaming about the city, I found these old photos of Penn Station. Couldn't believe what I was looking at. Just look at this gorgeous train station. What in the world could they have been thinking when they tore it down for a newer Madison Square Garden? My god, what a shame! Still the photos are quite something to look at and a peak into old New York.

Fun fact. Guess who saved Grand Central from a similar fate when plans were being drawn up to destroy it? Jackie O. Yup. That's right. We can thank her for the dark sunglasses trend AND Grand Central!

music mondays.

Look, it's a series now! Didn't see that coming, did you?! This week's special is "I love you, but Goodbye" by Langhorne Slim. Heartbreaking and gorgeous. Loving it right now.

(note: this is obviously a live version. Recommend the studio recorded version if you are downloading).

Sunday, November 20, 2011


The pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was a lovely evening! Fine food, great friends, cocktail dress and enough wine for the night through. K&D hosted the evening at their beautiful Georgetown home and all of our combined cooking skills made for dinner and then some. Perfect pre-gaming for the big event on Thursday!