Tuesday, September 6, 2016

labor day getaway.

Ben and I went away for the long Labor Day weekend. This was actually our first California getaway since we moved out here. We looked into a whole range of weekend trips - from Joshua Tree, Idaho, Death Valley, San Diego, to Portland and more. In the end, we settled on a place just north of Bodega Bay (about 2 hours drive from SF) because we didn't want to have to fly, we didn't want to spend a lot and ultimately we just wanted to sit someplace with a view for the three days. We rented this VRBO and it was perfect.

We packed enough food so that we could cook every meal at the house. We watched our fill of college football including, of course, the Michigan game on Saturday and we sat on the porch throughout the day and for every sunset. And we went for a couple of absolutely breathtakingly beautiful runs along the coast at different parts of the Kortum Trail.

We didn't venture out to see or do much in the area, but we did swing by the Wild Flour Bakery on the way back to SF and it was a great little spot putting out really good bread.

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