Thursday, February 20, 2014


Guess what I found out at the doctor's office today? First, let me remind everyone about Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore. Remember a couple years ago when I wrote about it. No? Click here for a refresher. And then a couple months later, we went to check it out and it was awesome. Still no? Click here for that refresher. We also went back again with Ben's parents since. We love it.

Now, getting to the point, today at the doctor's office, I found out about the Shoo-Fly Diner! Same owners as Woodberry Kitchen but this time it is a modern diner! Are they specifically opening up restaurants to make me come to Baltimore? Because we will be headed up there again stat to get our fill on it. From all the pictures I have seen so far it is a lot of wood and metal (kind of like Woodberry). Love it!

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  1. YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGING!!! Let's go here. Spring trip?