Friday, May 29, 2015

forget it.

On the plane over to Italy, I watched Still Alice. Stephanie had mentioned it a couple months ago and talked about how sad it was. I apparently was not listening carefully enough cause umm...yeah...Still Alice is incredibly sad. I was crying and snotting myself on the plane. If you need a good, hearty, deep cry - I would recommend watching it asap. The short of it is, Alice Howland (played by Julianne Moore) is diagnosed with early-onset alzheimers and the film tells her struggle to stay connected and keep remembering. It is heartbreaking.

This NYTimes piece, A Marriage to Remember, from last August - which includes a short documentary - was touching and powerful as well. Maybe its the pain and sadness about alzheimers that has always hooked me, but it  is one of those things I can't help watching and reading about. And, this was before I ever met Ben. But with Ben there is an additional dimension because his grandfather had alzheimers and his memories of it - visiting his grandfather with his Dad are heartbreaking to hear. But so important.

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