Friday, May 8, 2015


It's Friday!!!! We are headed up to NYC tonight for the weekend - one of my best friends from college is getting married. What are you all doing?!

And in a garden/yard update (since I know you all have been waiting for it), Ben went all out yesterday and installed a sprinkler-drip system. We leave for a trip next week and were fretting about the watering situation, but he researched and installed this whole system. He bought the Orbit Digital 2-0utlet HT Timer that he attached to the hose faucet and set a timer for it to go on every morning. And then he ran this Micro Sprinkler Landscape and Shrub Kit throughout the yard--all for about $100.  It is not obtrusive at all and the system allows you to buy more stakes/sprinkler heads if you need them. We are loving it so far. Proud Ben jumped up out of bed this morning to look out at the window to make sure the timer worked and the flowers were being fed!

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