Tuesday, October 25, 2016

travelogue ~ austin.

I was in Austin last week for work and what an awesome little city. Most of the days were spent on work-related meetings but we did get out and about a little and here are some quick recommendations in case you are going any time soon...

  • La Barbecue - great food truck and the owner used to be the pit-master at the renowned Franklins - I can report back that this BBQ was legit - highly recommend!
  • Ruby's BBQ - tucked behind a gas station with lots of outdoor space in the back - this place was Texas cool (though La Barbecue was no question better) - this was a bbq experience - and outside of downtown. 
  • ABGB - awesome craft beer, long tables and great pizza - loved this place and apparently it is a go-to for local Austinites. 
  • Odd Duck - small plates with a cool, laid back but upscale vibe -- this was highly recommended to us as a must-stop and as long as you get BBQ in first, this was a great place! 
  • Gourdough's Donuts - holy smokes these donuts are big and good. If you are looking to go big - this place has personality to boot. 
  • Frank Restaurant - I loved this place. Who doesn't love a hot dog and $6 dollar dinner with Texas charm and personality and a down-home feel right downtown. Money spot!
  • Parkside - we had a big team dinner here and I loved this place. The food is great and the feel and aesthetic is clear but cool. Would highly recommend for a formal, low key meal. 
Basically, all we did outside of meetings was eat, so I don't have activity recommendations (besides a fantastic morning run around the capitol pictured above!) - so for the next time in Austin....

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