Thursday, October 6, 2016


What a week. In a super quick trip around the world, I went to Bangkok for work on Monday and Tuesday. I was lucky that before my flight back on Wednesday, I could run around Bangkok for a couple hours. This was my first time back in SE Asia since I left Vietnam six years ago (six years ago, I can't believe that!). And while I had been to Bangkok twice before, it has always been super short trips, so I am slowly piecing the city together. The last time I was there was with Ben when we traveled around the region. It was early in our relationship and this Bangkok visit made me think the sweetest things about how far we have come since that trip and just how much I love him. And it was nice to swim in extreme humidity and heat for a couple days and to get to a couple sites that I had never been to. Here are some snapshots if you want to see...

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