Monday, December 30, 2013

holiday wrap-up.

In the last ten days, I have been to Michigan twice, Uhauled from Ann Arbor to DC, celebrated Ben's Juris Doctor, visited Denver for Christmas, made a pit-stop in Westchester, a day in NYC, and amtraked it back to DC. We are back in DC after a whirlwind couple of weeks and here were some (not all) of the highlights...

Packing up the UHaul during snowstorm Electra was a joy!

Post loading up the Uhaul, we feasted on indian food with Emmy, Aaron and Brittany. 

The drive was actually enjoyable and we are all moved in. Ben graduated last week and it was a full weekend of celebrating.
We ate at Mani and of course went over to the Washtenaw Dairy for a last, glorious donut.

We also ate dinner at The Grange with friends and family, a great cocktail party at Vinology Wine Bar, a run around the Big House, and final packing and move-out. We bid adieu to the University of Michigan and jumped to Denver to see my folks. This of course including brunch at Luciles with my Mom (beignets were ordered!). We also went to Thump for coffee downtown...

We headed to a new place in LoHi with Dad and Charlotte for dinner, the Old Major. It is pork heavy and very cool - and the first place that I have been that hands you an ipad with the drinks menu.

We lucked out with great weather. Ben and I ran every morning around Wash Park and battled the altitude...
We also went to Jelly for breakfast with Scott (I had mentioned it way back in April in this post on Denver spots).  They had quite the sampling of jelly donuts.

We also went out to the RiNo District to check out The Source. It is basically Denver's version of Union Market and we wanted to check it out! The space is still very much in formation but has a couple cool looking restaurants...
The Leas had us over for Christmas dinner leftovers. We played drinking games in the kitchen like any good adult dinner party would do...
By the time we left Denver, it was the homestretch! On Saturday, we headed into the city with Ben's parents to shop sales and go to dinner. We ended up at this awesome bar in SoHo, Mother's Ruin. I absolutely loved it and the bartender made me what was quite possibly the best drink I have had in years.

We had a fantastic meal at Rubirosa. Salads, pastas, and pizza to boot - we highly recommend it.
Not pictured but most importantly, we enjoyed family time with my Mom and Dad, a lot of sleep, a visit with Ben's grandmother, a shiva in Westchester for a family friend, many episodes of Friday Night Lights, watching Michigan football with Timmy, dinner with Timmy and Amanda, and so much more. Hope you had a wonderful holiday week!

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