Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am always keeping lists of restaurants and places I want to try on my iphone. And I always have my eye out for restaurants in Denver. It is part curiosity and also to have options whenever I am home. Well. Well. Well. There is some great stuff happening D-town and here are some of the latest places I can't wait to try the next time I head west...

  • Uncle. It looks good and indeed it was recently named the best new restaurant in Denver. Ramen seems to be taking this country by storm and by god, the pictures speak for themselves in this case. 

  • Denver Biscuit Company. "Big, buttery, flaky biscuits". I think that pretty much sums up, doesn't it? I wish I could taste just about everything on the menu. This might be my first stop next go around!
  • Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen. Down in Larimer Square, this place looks like it has real potential especially if you're headed to Coors Field for a game. 
  • Jelly. This is topping the list for breakfast. It kind of has an old-school diner feel and the fact that buttermilk pancakes is at the top of the menu has to be a good sign, right? 

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