Sunday, April 14, 2013

weekend dating.

The weekend isn't over and it has already felt long! Ben has been in town and we have been making the most of the spring weather and short visit. On Thursday night we checked out Le Diplomate. We loved it. They have done a spectacular job with the entire concept of the restaurant down to the details on the floor. Everybody in the city seems to already know about it and in fact it felt like half the city was there, so I won't wax on about it, just go try it.

Friday night Ben's buddy, Matty, stayed over with us and yesterday morning we grabbed brunch at the Tabbard Inn. After Matt left, we walked around the neighborhood a little and then went for an afternoon date in Logan Circle. We laid out the blanket. It was beautiful and even a little romantic...
....until my law school boyfriend pulled out his 1st Amendment reading. So, I took a nap in the sun!

We also planned to save Saturday as a date night just for us. Usually when I go to him or he comes to DC for the weekend, we end up packing in as many dinners and meet-ups as possible with friends and date nights don't happen. We agreed that Saturday night would be just us. We rode the bus over to our new neighborhood. We walked by the house and then walked through the neighborhood. We had mapped our route over to Eastern Market area and strolled for about 45 minutes.

Our date spot for the night was Beucherts Saloon. This might be one of our top three favorite new spots in the city. I have had my eye on it for a while and have been wanting to get there and it exceeded all expectations. The bar was great, strong cocktails, great ambiance, fantastic food, and phenomenal service. We loved Nathan running the front (and his bow-tie) and pretty much the entire experience. We can't wait to take Ben's parents, it was just an outstanding meal (braised spring lamb with gnocchi, carrot salad, rutabaga mash, butterhead lettuce) and the perfect date night!

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