Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We have a lot of ideas and projects for the house come move-in. Naturally, as we have started to prioritize and budget, the reality of the "money-pit club" (as one of Ben's family friends aptly named it) has come into sharp focus. Most notably, the backyard. Here is our beauty of a space. We are very excited about grilling and spending quality time out back and we really want to be able to have friends over and entertain.
We would love to get to work on the backyard right away but yikes, landscaping is expensive. We are open to doing it ourselves, but yeah, landscaping also takes some skills that we don't have! This project has definitely been pushed off for a bit and in fairness, we can make do with what we have for the time being and we will have a lot going on this summer anyway.

With that said, we have lots of ideas. We are working with a small space but there is a lot of potential! Topping the wish list would be patio area with a table, some raised beds and maybe even a corner for a firepit. For inspiration and ideas, we have been collecting photos just to get a sense of look and materials. Here are some examples:

And today, Ben found this, which we both love love love! Great for the size of our yard.

In the meantime and until we get to the big project, we are looking forward to buying some great outdoor lights and a grill!

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