Sunday, April 21, 2013

a century.

Yesterday was Grandpolly's 100th Birthday! 100. A complete century. Incredible.

In full disclosure, Grandpolly didn't really know it was her birthday yesterday. Over the last two years, she has disappeared as her heart and brain are failing her. But my Mom and Aunt, three cousins and others were there to celebrate her. She had chocolate ice cream and my Aunt arranged for a 5th grade class to make a 100 year timeline of things that had happened in her life.

Grandpolly is a remarkable woman. She is also the certain matriarch in our family. Today, I was thinking about the small things I love about her. I love her hands. Her fingers are just a little bent from arthritis and she has the most beautiful long fingers that I always watched as she patted her napkin when she told a story. I love the slight gap in her front teeth. I love her giggle, especially since she is not one to laugh easily. I love the color of her light blue eyes. I love how even after she lost much of her vision, she would feel the door lock with her fingers to unlock it. I love watching her swim to pansy point every morning in Walloon. Most of all, I love a good backgammon game with her.

I love you Grandpolly, all 100 years of you.

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