Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My favorite part about our kitchen to-be is the shelving that the previous owner built. It is hard to get a feel for how well he worked with the space and how nice the wood is throughout, but he put in two great pieces on the walls in the kitchen. Come fall, I am going to tackle the cabinets (we are thinking white as of now to lighten it up) and we are also painting throughout as soon as we move in in June. But in addition to that, I am border-line obsessed with this very minor detail: bowls on the shelves. Ben and I are in negotiations over how much shelf realestate will be dedicated to it but I have already laid claim to the narrow, long shelving between the door and the windows. What the hell, I'll give you a picture with big red arrows to help with the visual...

This isn't the best picture but it gives you an idea. I am determined to make use of this shelfing area with colorful bowls. As I have mentioned before, I am infatuated with Jenny Komenda's blog and work over on Little Green Notebook. About six months ago, she posted some pictures of her kitchen that she has been rehabbing. This was well before we ever saw our house but the shelves with bowls exposed in her kitchen stuck. Here it is...I love it!
And then last week on pinterest, I saw this too.
Basically, pinterest, Jenny Komenda and the universe are all telling me and Ben that we have to use those shelves for colorful bowls. Don't you agree?! 

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