Sunday, April 7, 2013

caffeine fix.

Holy land of coffee. Alison and I were supposed to go to pilates this morning but ended up, for one reason or another, getting a coffee together instead. We were standing at the corner of 16th and Q debating where to go, and Alison said, "Oh, let's just grab one at The Coffee Bar." 

Huh? The Coffee Bar? What and where is this place and how do I not know about it? 

Now picture my mind being blown. 

We walked over to 12th and S where this glorious, awesome new coffee shop is. If you are wondering where all the yuppies around the 14th Street corridor have been hiding in the morning, hello and welcome to The Coffee Bar. Most importantly, the coffee was good. Not just good, but real good. I had an actual, strong, finely made latte in DC! 

DC is in desperate need of more coffee love like this, but man oh man, talk about making my day and feeding my caffeine fix...

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