Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hot date.

Ben is in the homestretch and close to being done with the semester and back for the summer. I have been really missing him of late and actually really needing him here, so I especially can't wait. Lucky for both of us, I have channeled my anticipation into planning a date night! Its a surprise, so I can't tell you what the plan is but I can tell you this: 1) We are going to dress nice but not too nice 2) We are going to be mixing with some new people. Potentially very cool people. 3) Pretty sure we are leaving our wallets at home 4) We will take the BMW to get there (by BMW, I mean the "Bus, Metro or Walk").

I have never surprised Ben with a date, so I'm looking forward to this. And, as an aside, when Ben was courting me hard he would send me the funniest someecards. And to his credit, he was using them before they became popular. I so wish I had saved some of them, but to this day, even just the mention of a someecard makes me smile......

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