Friday, May 31, 2013

recovery time.

Ben's very good family friend, Sherry, is having knee surgery today and my friend, Mihal, had foot surgery a couple weeks ago. We sent Sherry a small gift and that got me thinking, what are good gifts for someone having surgery? Flowers are boring (no offense). Food is really not ideal if you are all drugged up / don't want to gain lots of weight while you can't exercise and anyway, there is sure to be someone else that sends food. Here are some other ideas....

I have never had surgery, but I think for me, one of the hardest parts would be constantly having to ask people to do basic things for get water. I imagine drinking loads of water is something that you should be doing to cleanse your body and speed up recovery, so a great water bottle to fill up and have instead of cups.
Platypus Platy Bottle
 To pick things up off the floor and shelves...I imagine one of these would be helpful and a fun gift to give.
Ettore Grip n' Grab
Some really good lotion. Sitting around and recovering is hard on your skin. Not to mention, its a very small thing that makes you feel better in the moment to moment...
L'Occitane - Hand Cream
Mihal was talking about this on her blog and what a lifesaver a crutch bag has been for her. For your phone, etc, so you can have it as you move around. Love this idea!
Crutch Bag
She also talked about these ice packs as the best she has found. They stay super cold and really get on the opposed to bags of vegetables or terrible ice packs.

Dobble Ankle Ice Wrap
What do you think? Do you have any good ideas? Have you had surgery and gotten anything really helpful as a gift? I would love to hear!

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