Tuesday, May 14, 2013

trim it.

We move in a matter of weeks and things are getting real. At the top of our list is getting the house painted inside. We know we want to use a light grey color that we have had picked out but we have started debating the trim in the house. The question is, do we paint it white? Here are some photos of the inside...
We plan to re-do the kitchen cabinets, likely to white and ideally the counter-top at some point too. But also note the wood covers over the heaters and the wood shelving in the kitchen - I don't think we would want to paint those. And the wood doors in the house are great, so if we painted the trim white would it look odd to leave the doors? White trim looks great with light grey - I think better than brown wood with grey walls but the wood trim obviously has a natural, homey look that could be great. 

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