Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sibling love.

This op-ed, The Gift of Siblings, was catching. I consider myself lucky to be one of many children and I am admittedly bias to that. If I had all the money and resources in the world, I would want four or five kids. I actually love a bit of the chaotic madness in the family circle. I love that there are more stories and personalities and a bigger web with siblings. And, at the end of the day, you have more people who understand where you come from. And, as Bruni talks about, when you think about it, they are the only people with you for the whole arc of your life. I think for us, our brother-sister relationships bring out the frustratingly worst and comforting best in each other all at once.

With all this said, Bruni is right, "family closeness isn't a happy accident...its a resolve, a priority made and obeyed". My mid-year resolution is going to be to be more conscious about this. I was actually jsut saying to Ben this weekend that I miss my family...and I think Bruni is so right on this and I can do better.

Read the piece...its heartening...

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