Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well, hello Immortal Beloved. I have been wandering in the wilderness of bad hair cuts and hair dressers in DC for years now, and then I found Mimi this past weekend. She is awesome. And the space is even better. Big, cool mirrors, awesome sinks and design, I love this place. They are actually going to be moving in October to a big place over by 14th street which is kind of unfortunate, since their location right now is tucked away and no doubt the clientele is going to really change, but if you live in DC, you should definitely ditch whatever salon you are going to and start going here. Also, for the gentlemen out there, the owner recently opened a barber shop, Barber of Hell's Bottom, over at 9th and Rhode Island and you can check out the pictures here...very cool!

(sidenote: hat tip to Erin...pretty sure she told me to come here last year!)

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  1. i did! go me! Glad you liked it. Will i see the hair at Pilates tonight?