Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I completely forgot to tell you about our new Soda Stream! (Note: continuing on my theme of responsible buying, you shouldn't buy your own Soda Stream. Click here to read more from Global Exchange, who I worked for way back when.) Anyway, I was rushing to a friend's house on Sunday and it was sitting outside a gorgeous rowhouse on P street with a note that said, "TAKE ME, I make soda seltzer". So I did and it works! I just need to get a couple replacement bottles and a new canister of carbonation (which fyi apparently you can do at Home Rule with a big discount.) Yay for carbonated beverages. We have been wanting one of these since Jordan and Hannah introduced us to all its glory a couple years ago!

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  1. that's very cool that you know about the sodastream boycott. someday down the line, if you are in the market to buy a new bubbly water maker, check out thsi article:
    it's a review of 9 settlement-free alternatives to SodaStream. written by someone we know who actually went out and bought all 9 and tested them.
    love, o