Thursday, November 20, 2014

linked up.

There is just so much going on in the world. Figured I would pass along some links I have been reading of late. First and foremost, I loooooove biscuits - so the fact that they are right up the street right now at Union Market is wonderful news! Ali sent me this NYTimes op-ed, What You Learn In Your 40s, a couple weeks ago and it just gets better as you read on - one of those pieces you should probably bookmark and come back to periodically. There is a sudden baby boom happening all around me - and that makes me think about parenting and how I really want to make sure my kids are kind and understand empathy - this WashPost piece on raising nice kids is good stuff.  Also - this piece about technology and your kids - Steve Jobs was a Low-Tech Parent. And this is something Ben and I are very much agreed on - this philosophy of family and quality time and obviously the importance of pizza - Pizza and Parenthood.

This is old but given what is coming down the pipeline this week, very relevant....what Adelson, Buffett and Gates think about immigration reform. Preach.

And finally, Bill Cosby. I hope he disappears into exile and we never have to hear him speak another word. I hope he is shamed into oblivion. And I hope everyone reads Barbara Bowman's op-ed from last week and registers the injustice not just of what he did but the injustice of 30 years of not being heard. Ugh.

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