Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Have you all read The River of Doubt? If not, go buy now! I plowed through it last month. It was riveting and encapsulating. One of those reads where I couldn't wait to get back on the metro and dive back into the pages. It is an account of Teddy Roosevelt's trek through the Amazon after he lost the election in 1912. I've mentioned before our deep love of all things Teddy (if you haven't already, you should also read David McCullough's biography - Mornings on Horseback) - and this is an extraordinary telling of Roosevelt and also the Amazon. Simply incredible! And here is an old NPR piece about it in case you aren't yet convinced...

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  1. I was amazed you read it in a week, but then you said you read it on the metro. Jealous of your commute. I read more in NY than I ever have since because subways.