Friday, January 2, 2015

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Happy New Year! We are back in DC after two weeks that felt like longer - after a vacation in Costa Rica, quality time in New York and a fantastic New Year's Eve wedding in New Haven - I am ready for 2015!  More to come soon...but real quick, I plowed through some good reading during the break, including these three books below. Just thought I would share and pass along....

Sold by Patricia McCormick was a quick yet powerful read. It's a story of a young girl sold as a sex slave. I can't tell you you will find it to be uplifting but certainly a reminder and amazement at what people can survive.
I couldn't put down The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman. It has you questioning throughout, swinging from character to character and empathizing when you don't want to. It is quite a read - you can ask Ben how much it got into my brain - I couldn't stop talking about it!

Talk about timely. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is upsetting and inspiring. This read and Stevenson himself has in my mind joined the ranks of Paul Farmer, Barbara Ehrenreich, Jonathan Kozol, etc. His work is incredible. The book is a must read especially in light of the recent resurfaced debate about race and justice - I can't recommend it enough. I will be talking about and giving this book out to friends and family for the next year, it is just that important and potent. Incredible. 

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  1. Just added these to my Amazon cart - thanks for the great tips!