Wednesday, January 14, 2015

walk it off.

It's winter and it's cold. My mind started going to a warmer place this week - tapping into my raw survival skills born of my Colorado roots and true winters. (In truth, living on the east coast has made me weak-it scares me to think about anyone from DC north to New Hampshire driving in Denver because dear god they just don't know!). Anyway, the way I see it, I just have to get through the end of February. The warm place I have been going to happens to be Italy. We are going there at the end of May for a wedding and lucky for us we added on a week before with Ben's family. I've never been to Italy. I am very excited. And most importantly, when we leave the house in the morning for a run at 6:15 am when the temperature is in the 20s - Italy is now my end goal and distraction! We have started researching restaurants and food, thinking about activities and must-see places, and strategizing on different plans of attack for tackling Rome in the limited two days we are there. And all of this was to lead to these shoes. Don't you think these would be great to rock...or not so much? You can tell me...I can handle it (not you Ben...I already know you don't like these!). Also, if folks have Italy recommendations - send my way one and all!

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