Sunday, August 18, 2013

chinese relations.

My god did we eat well on Friday night. We met up with Nick and Val for dinner and headed east on New York Ave to Bladensburg Road to check out Panda Gourmet. This sechuan place is housed in the Days Inn right off of New York Avenue and we have been wanting to scout it out for a couple weeks. We can now report back that it lived up to all its recent hype and more!

The food was unreal. The Mouthwatering Chicken was exactly that. We couldn't get over it.

Photo Credit: Val
It is a total hole in the wall and you want to ask for the authentic sechuan menu.

Or you could just do what we did and order a couple of the dishes that you know you want and then have them order up the rest. 

Among the many many dishes we ordered, we loved the Dan Dan Noodles, the cumin beef, and the flounder and vegetables in fiery pot. 
Our meal conservation mainly consisted of exclamations of how good the food was and then talking more about how good the food was. And of course, fortune cookies to wrap up the meal. We can't encourage you enough to get out there and try this place out, we absolutely loved it!

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