Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hang it up.

Remember back in May when I was talking about building a clothing rack? Click here if you don't. Well we made a project of it this weekend and put the finishing touches on it last night. I am very excited to show you our temporary solution to our closet/storage challenge.

On Saturday we hustled up to Home Depot and picked up everything we would need. (We also had to make a quick return trip on Sunday because I got the wrong black spray paint - oops - I do not recommend two trips to Home Depot on a weekend!).

We picked up pipes, screws, casters, elbow joints, flanges and a piece of pine wood we had them cut down. We also picked up stain for the wood.

Here is our pine wood at the start...

And here it is with one coat of stain...

I did a couple coats of flat black spray paint on every other piece and then we went to putting it together! And here it is for a first look!

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