Tuesday, July 2, 2013

in progress.

Progress on the house is going to start really slowing down soon, or at least the big stuff that feels really satisfying and easy to share. But this weekend, we got some things done that have really helped pull things together.

I know the basement isn't the sexist of places but here is a view of the basement as you come down the stairs from the kitchen. Our storage in the kitchen is...well...limited, so we really needed some storage space for cans and dry goods. This is the before...

And now here is our glorious metal shelving. We still obviously need to work on the organizing part of this, but cheers to shelving.
We also had our work table delivered that we found last week in Maryland and we love love it. At first, we put it up in the study but ultimately decided to move it downstairs to the basement. The table was actually owned by the CEO of Singer and we love that added history of it. You can't see in the picture but I have my eye out for shelves or baskets to fit into the sides of this. The woman who sold it took out the heavy, metal shelving, so we want to find something to put it to good use!

We also put up a mezuzah at the front door. So you will be pleased to know that the house is officially blessed. We picked this mezuzah up in Morocco in this amazing old shop full of Jewish antiques.

And, we finally got a bed in one of the bedrooms! This is the guest, front bedroom, so we are still relegated to sleeping on the mattress in the other, but man does it make a difference. Pete and Claire are coming down for a visit in a couple weeks and we think they will be the first to enjoy and our first house guests as well!

What is the biggest and most pressing project to be tackled? No question about it, our closet situation is beginning to take its toll on us.  

Here is the picture of our one and only closet upstairs. 

And here is a closer look to see what is going on on the floor. We laid down a sheet and have spread out our clothes on it. (For the record, there is more organization to this pile than meets the eye...its organized chaos down there!). 
We had hoped to find a dresser last weekend but to no avail. And I have been holding off on buying/making a clothes rack (see here for a reminder) but Mary is starting to lose her patience. The plan as of now is to tear down that drywall and extend the closet out toward the window. Really, it should be pretty straight forward. Knock down the drywall and put up just the end of dry wall and figure out a door situation. Totally doable. And by that I mean, this is the July project plan. Those closet doors and the wall color will be the next target after that. Put your game face on!

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