Monday, July 22, 2013

fatty fatty crab.

Way back when, before Ben and I were dating, we would go on what Ben refers to as "awkward friend dates". We overlapped in NYC for a year and about half-way through that year I was really liking Ben but by that point, I was wondering what he was thinking. Anyway, what really sealed the deal for me was one friend date when we went to Fatty Crab for dinner in the west village. It was one of those meals that just blew our mind. We still talk about it (especially the watermelon appetizer with pork!).  It was cozy and beautiful in the restaurant, very much a New York moment where the food and atmosphere all came together. It was also right when Fatty Crab was on the verge of going big and to Ben's credit, he scouted it out early. Most importantly, Ben was funny and handsome and charming and so great to be around that I could have stayed hours longer!

Anyway, that Fatty Crab meal holds a special place. And, I actually don't know that I ever want to go back because it was just that good and I doubt could ever be as good. But, all of this is to get to the big news that something in the Fatty Crab family is coming to DC soon...take a look at this Eater piece from today.

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