Thursday, July 25, 2013

dating scene.

Ben took me on a date night yesterday. We met at McPherson square after work. He wouldn't tell me where we were going despite my best efforts to get details out of him for the couple of days before. We jumped on the bus and headed up to the U Street area and ended up at Hanoi House (I mentioned it before here). Maketto Market is an Asian market scheduled to open on H Street hopefully by the end of the year (click here to read more about it on Eater) but Ben got us reservations for the pop-up restaurant with the chefs in Hanoi House!
It was fantastic. We got drinks at the bar and talked with a chef at Impala, a restaurant coming soon. And then we got started on the main attraction. The food was really tasty and parts of it definitely took us back to Vietnam. This salad with pork and spring rolls mixed in was fantastic!

The morning glory with a ragu sauce might have been the best bite last night. And oh how I miss morning glory!
Mid meal they rolled a cart by with a la carte plates...

We of course tried out some steamed buns...

In all, we had seven courses of great food. Including this dessert with crushed ice, fruit, and a medley of other very good stuff...
It was a great school-night date. We rode the bus home and got in bed by 10:30! And I needed a good date with Ben. To his credit, I have been having a rough go of it of late and he has been unbelievably steady and good to me with lots of loving advice and support - so in reality he was the one who really deserved a date night!

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