Thursday, July 11, 2013

rule of law.

I have been drowning a bit lately. Work has been non-stop and it seems like we are always on the run in the summer and I can barely keep my head above water. The summer is flying by and there is so much we haven't done...or even tried to plan. But, earlier this week, we did escape work for an hour to go meet one of Ben's friends, Josh, who has been clerking on the Supreme Court. Josh is finishing up and generously promised to take us on a tour behind the scenes before he left. It was incredible.

A lot of it we couldn't take pictures of...but we got a peek at the room where the justices deliberate (the coolest part of the whole tour if you ask me and Ben). We also went into the court room. We were loving it! We visited his office and saw one of the chambers which was modest and beautiful. Each justice obviously decorates their own office and they all have a different personality, this office was so comfortable and personal.

There were two rooms with portraits of all the justices...and these amazing chandeliers and ceilings...
There is also this great little courtyard and if you look closely, you can see in the bottom right corner a turtle base of one of the lamps. The turtle can be spotted in different parts of the architecture and it was chosen to symbolize the slow but deliberate pace of justice.

The library in the Supreme Court is stately yet intimate...

This stairwell was apparently a marvel at the time that it was built and was designed to give a perception of height to the building.
And of course, the basketball court - the "highest court in the land" - was a highlight. Sure, it was smaller than my middle school gym - but it was awesome and has long long been on my bucket list to see! Here is the schedule...
There were also signs (that I didn't take pictures of...rats) reminding people not to play when the court is in session! Apparently, the basketball court is three floors above the actual court room. Justice Byron White (who used to play in the NFL and I went to highschool with his grandson!) would come back to use the basketball court and was playing one day while the court was in session. The Court had to send a note up to him to ask him to stop bouncing the ball because you could hear it!

Anyway, here we are before rushing back to our day jobs!

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