Thursday, July 25, 2013

point of power.

My last year of college, I interned in Hillary's senate office in Albany and my drive was a long 45 minutes to and from the office. I spent a good three months of that year listening to Master of the Senate by Robert Caro while driving. It was without question one of the most impressive and capitavating books I have ever read. Caro himself is an interesting and odd personality, he has dedicated his life to writing volumes on Johnson, and defines Johnson as one of the most brilliant yet manipulative political figures in American history. The book remains one of my most formative reads.

Last year, Caro published the fourth volume on Johnson, The Passage of Power. It has been on my list to read, but it is so long and dense I have been putting it off! Until now that is. We were at drinks earlier this week with friends and they were talking about how the New Yorker printed a chapter of Caro's book last year. The chapter they printed tells the day when JFK was shot, of course from the vantage point of and with a focus on Johnson. I didn't want to get off the metro yesterday reading it. I am now primed to finally start reading The Passage of Power. Reading this chapter reminded me just how interesting Johnson is and how hypnotizing Caro's writing is. In short, and if nothing else, you should go read this New Yorker piece, The Transition Lyndon Johnson and the events in Dallas, and see where it takes you!

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