Thursday, July 11, 2013

on the menu.

DC has a lot going on and we can barely keep up with all the new places. Here are just a few  recent opens that we have on our list to get to at some point soon...
  • Bearnaise - we almost went here last weekend but it was opening night, so we decided to hold off a little longer. It is Spike Mendelsohn's new place on the Hill. Who doesn't love steak frites?
  • A. Litteri - this italian deli is just two blocks from the house and we have been wanting to go. In fairness, it isn't new, but a total hole in the wall with stellar reviews on yelp. It is tucked inside the big Union Market lot and you would barely notice it but it looks to be serving up quality food that demands a visit!
  • Mockingbird Hill - sherry and ham. Apparently, that is all you need to know about it. That and it has been getting good reviews since it opened. Adding to the Shaw neighborhood boom, we can't wait to get over there and check it out. 
Mockingbird Hill
photo credit: Washington Post - Fritz Hahn
  • Mr. P's Ribs and Fish - this will be a must stop very soon. I guess we could run there to make ourselves feel better about the damage we will do because based on the reviews this is good barbecue. 
  • Pound the Hill - We are always on the hunt for good coffee spots in this city, so I have this on my list to pop into the next time we are in the neighborhood. 
  • Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salami - all of sudden, I have been hearing about Three Little Pigs everywhere it seems. It is a bit of a hike from us, up in Petworth, but we definitely want to go check it out soon - the meats sound like they rival any place in the District. 

And there's still so much more...I could keep going but for now, I hope this provides good food for thought!

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  1. How can I possibly leave when there are so many more restaurants to try?!