Friday, November 22, 2013


After three years of distance, Ben and I have less than one month left to go!

I can't wait for him to be back in DC. It isn't as though that much will change but because our days together are packed when we see each other, life will have more a routine when he is back. It sounds so trite, but even just enjoying the seasons together - I am so excited for snow this winter on a weekend when we can just hang out and cook in the house together! I can't wait for the occasional weekend trip to new places like Asheville, Tennessee, the Outerbanks, Lancaster, and Shenandoah (though I will miss regular visits to Ann Arbor). I want him home so we can tackle some house projects together like the backyard and painting. I will appreciate even more now on a weeknight being able to talk about the day together with some wine and having more time for friend time.

One month.