Monday, November 11, 2013

wedding bells.

It was a great weekend. The weekend focus was Kate & Doug's wedding on Saturday!

It was beautiful and classy and classic. And we got all dressed up. We also finished the night with a 2 am stop at the diner for a full stack of pancakes and eggs, here are some of the highlights...

It was a noon time ceremony and post-church included burgers at Tombs but not before Kate & Doug made their getaway in a red convertible...

We rested and rebooted, got ourselves dressed up and headed out to the party...but made a quick detour up to Union Market for an espresso at Peregrine Espresso.

At this point, we went to go find a taxi on Florida Ave. Standing on the corner, in the cold, after about 6 minutes, instead of a taxi, this old guy Leroy (nicest man we have met in a very long while) drove by and offered us a ride in his van. So we hopped a ride with Leroy. He told us stories about his life on the way over to 16th and we thanked him profusely for picking us up! Yup. That happened.

The rest of the evening flew by. Meridian Place is actually Katherine Graham's old home and is a stately venue. We danced, ran into bunches of friends and acquaintances, hit up the photo booth, sent them off in the night by sparklers, headed to an after-party at a bar nearby, and then finished off the night at The Diner. Can't get much better!

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