Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Speaking of food spots in DC, we also made some quick stops in a couple other places over the weekend. On Saturday, we grabbed sandwiches at SUNdeVICH for lunch. It is just off 9th Street NW and small but packed with good options. We thought the Havana was a great sandwich (take a pass on the Kingston).

After lunch, we popped over to Blagden Alley (remember this amazing dinner we went to in the carriage house in Blagden Alley last year?!) to check out the new coffee shop, La Colombe. It was cool. Almost too cool for us. And Blagden Alley is basically unrecognizable from the spot it was even a year ago...but the coffee was solid and hit the spot!

And Sunday night, we grabbed dinner with Erin and Josh. We headed over to Bacio - this charming, very cute, little restaurant in Ledroit Park. They have a small upstairs serving up pizza and overlooking the street. For a neighborhood spot, or if the wait is too long across the street at The Red Hen, it is worth considering...

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