Wednesday, June 4, 2014

cooling system.

At least a year or two ago, Ben and I were in Target and he wanted to buy a cooler. The likes of this generic, plastic Coleman cooler.

I told him no. I wanted to get a retro cooler or at least something with a little more heft and personality for just as cheap. I figured I could hunt one down on Craig's list. I haven't quite gotten around to doing that but I was reminded of it a couple weeks ago when I opened the Crate&Barrel catalogue and they are now featuring retro-styled coolers, including this Picnic Cooler.
Also just of interest and note, World Market has basically the exact same cooler for $20 less, the Cherry Red Retro Cooler.

A quick survey of craigslist today didn't come up with a cherry colored cooler...but how great would this one be if you really wanted to go big on the vintage style and had the space? Love it!

Or this one?

Summer is here and we are already planning a number of outdoor activities that may just require a cooler...and I am thinking that Crate&Barrel/World Market version is a manageable size and might just fit the bill. Thoughts?!

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