Thursday, June 19, 2014


Virunga. Go see it!

No really, go see it.

Ben, Justin and I went to a screening of Virunga last night at the Capitol. I can't encourage you enough to go see it. The documentary covers the amazing story of the struggle to protect one of the world's most biodiverse parks that is in eastern Congo. The Park also is home to the last non-captive mountain gorillas and follows the group of park rangers who are literally putting their lives on the line to protect the Park from poachers, M23 rebels, the Congolese army, and illegal resource exploitation. It is a heroic story. Beautifully shot. Timely. And just all around brilliant.

Jordan had mentioned the film to me a couple weeks ago and is friends with one of the producers, so when it turned out they were doing a screening in DC, it was an obvious must-see. I left awe-struck, inspired and horrified. It really will move you to the core...

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