Friday, June 6, 2014


This is going to sound a little crazy, but I am determined for us to take more little getaways while we can. We joke about our lives ending when we end up having kids but yeah, the quick and easy weekend getaway, really is going to be one of the first casualties. Mind you, this is not happening any time soon (seriously, we have years (plural)), but I want to be sure we are taking advantage while we can! In addition to Philadelphia (click here for more about our upcoming Philly trip!) and Assateague Island (click here for that mention) are some of the other places topping my list....
  • Asheville ~ two of my brothers actually lived in Asheville for some summers as raft guides and they always said great things. It would be a quick trip, the town is cool and laid back, and if nothing else we would have the Blue Ridge Mountains and I would want to see the Biltmore house!
  • Nashville ~ has long been on my list and why not, right? Good music and good food with a little southern are reasonable and it would be perfect for 2 days. 
  • Pittsburgh ~ for some reason, Pittsburgh reminds me of Valparaiso, Chile. Maybe it is the old-school cable cars going up Duquesne Incline or the fact that it's coal history reminds me almost of a port city, but man do I want to go to Pittsburgh. Great art and the city has a bunch of bridges...need I say more? Oh yeah, the beautiful train station too....
  • West Virginia ~ my brother, Marc, was born in West Virginia and yet I don't remember ever having been in the state. The Monongahela National Forest is supposed to be stunning and apparently Charles Town is charming with captivating scenery (picture mountains and the Shenandoah River), why haven't we been there yet?!
  • Gettysburg ~ true story, growing up I had a shrine in my bedroom dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. Seriously. I know more about Lincoln than you ever need to know. We also dedicated part of a family vacation to a week in Springfield, Illinois so that I could visit every possible site. And I also know the Gettysburg address by heart. All this is to say, I want to go spend a day at Gettysburg (someone recommended using the audio tour cd in your car) to see the battlefield!
There is always more where this came from...and of course destinations that I so want to get to for a short trip but are a bit farther and costlier (Austin and Chicago for example) but I love always having a couple places short-listed to aim for!

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  1. I'll admit it, I miss the quick weekend getaway. Great idea to take advantage now!