Friday, June 6, 2014


This week was a long one..what do you all have planned for the weekend? We are going on a hike tomorrow with Molly&Rags. It will be a very early morning wake-up since Mols says we have to be at the trail head by 7 am! We are also going to the Pride Parade and on Sunday we are meeting up with Becky&Matt and going to check out their new home!

In other news, isn't this a beautiful chair? I want to rock in it right now...

And check out these photos of North Brother Island right off the Bronx...seems like prime realestate and makes me want to go explore!

This is already a random smattering, so last but not least, this lone rose in a water bowl has been making my week...I have never been one for roses but our random rose bush (that desperately needs to be moved) has been making me think twice about getting rid of her altogether....

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