Wednesday, October 16, 2013

coming up roses.

Last Thursday, before our moms got to town, Ben flew in and we had a night to ourselves. We had decided earlier in the week to go to Roses Luxury for dinner. If you have seen me since, chances are very strong I have already told you about it. In fact, I started telling a woman at work about it yesterday for the second time. Apparently, I gave her the full review on Friday morning too! But it was that good and we were that excited about it.

The design and interior of the restaurant is awesome. Our service was fantastic. And the food, every single course and plate, was spot on. Creative (popcorn soup pictured below!), cool, and tasty. We were so happy that we seriously considered going back on Monday night for dinner. There is no question we will make this a regular place for us if they keep the quality. We can't recommend it highly enough. Go. Go now. Before it gets so popular and crowded and taken over - go check it out!

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