Thursday, October 17, 2013

food stops.

It was a weekend of new stops for us. On Monday afternoon, we went over to 14th street to wander a bit. Our ultimate destination was to the new restaurant/bar, Barcelona and then we grabbed dinner at Doi Moi.

Barcelona is gorgeous. I had walked by last month when it was under construction and immediately called Ben to tell him. It is stunning. Gorgeous. One of the best spaces either of us has seen in DC. So, we headed there to grab an afternoon drink. We sat outside and people watched and ate cheese. It was lovely.

With that said, we had also read Tom Sietsema's review before we got there. We left in agreement. The review is mixed and at the end of the day, we would tell you to grab a drink. Enjoy the space. But stick to the uncooked foods, the rest of it is so-so at best.

From here, we headed just a block down to Doi Moi. Another newbie on 14th Street and started by the owners of Estadio. The inside is interesting and dynamic. Alex Wagner and Sam Kass also came into dine while we were there (good validation!). It was a great eating experience, though fair warning they aren't kidding around when it comes to spice. Take it seriously, I had to order soy milk to nurse my taste buds! All in all, we would definitely recommend it for a good night out with some spice.

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