Sunday, October 20, 2013

pumpkin time.

It was a beautiful beautiful Sunday here in DC. I wanted to escape into the quiet for an hour or two and so I decided to paint pumpkins. Naturally.

Here's the thing. I am not big on Halloween. We actually didn't celebrate Halloween growing up and maybe that is why I am really luke-warm about it. But, I am big on being the popular house on the block and I do like pumpkins. While I don't have time to go all out like I would like to, I am working on small touches now to at least put on Halloween. I can't wait for trick or treaters!

Last weekend when my Mom was here, we took advantage of the car and threw a couple pumpkins in while we were at Whole Foods....

I circled them this week and decided they should be painted. My initial plan was the smaller chevron painted pumpkin and for a larger black pumpkin with gold dots. Turns out - and tip for all of you - spray paint is fine for one coat but when I taped on top of the black paint it pulled it all up. So, I ended up spraying it black again and just painting white stripes on it to call it a day!

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