Tuesday, June 23, 2015

run for it.

I have long said that I would never run a marathon. This is not out of principle, it is just because running has never come easy and isn't all that enjoyable for me. Believe me, I try to like it. It is just really a struggle. When Ben and I run together, he seems to just spring into his run and he loves it and could just keep going, whereas I am dreading even slight inclines and laboring through every mile. That said, we run at least four times a week and I have come to terms with the fact that running is my long-term future - it is free, you can do it anywhere, time-efficient and it is effective exercise. I am slowly but surely, trying to turn myself into a "runner".

The point of all this is we are signed up for a half-marathon in November and I am actually really excited for it. I need a challenge and I love having a goal to work toward. But more importantly, I am also using it to raise money for the Hopital Albert Schweitzer. And that brings me to you all, my loyal and loving readership....all three of you out there! I would love for you to donate and support my running...but more importantly support HAS - and here is my fundraising page if you are so inclined.

And here is my past post about visiting HAS this past Spring.....

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