Tuesday, June 2, 2015

restaurant roundup V.

I have a back-log of restaurants to report back on...so I thought it was time to do a quick restaurant roundup.

Brookland's Finest Bar & Kitchen - Dan, Ben and I headed here for dinner a while back. It was really solid. The outdoor/deck area is very nice, the service was great and the food hit the spot. This is a fantastic neighborhood spot and for us, it works well for an occasional Brookland bite. Would recommend it for a casual, easy meal.

Beefsteak - opened across from the Whole Foods by GWU and come lunch time, that line is long! But, Stephanie and I hit Beefsteak hard the first couple of weeks it was open and we can report back that if you are craving veggies this is your one-stop shop. This is a Jose Andres special, and he is opening up the second location in DuPont very soon. It is basically chipotle style but all veggies, steamed and fresh and only what is in season. Would highly recommend it!

Impala Cantina is right on H street and Ben and I only just discovered it, thanks to Caroline and Phil. It is a great little spot (with a fantastic patio/outdoor area) and the chips & salsa are some of the best we have seen in DC. Thank god for some tex-mex on H street to help round out the food options - it was laid-back and easy and my margarita was just strong enough for a week-night!

Maketto - in short, Maketto is just cool. The design is cool - I felt like I was in California. But seriously, the space is really interesting and different from what everyone else is doing in DC. By morning and day, it is a coffee shop and bakery, come evening it is a bar and restaurant. No reservations and the wait is long (we haven't done dinner yet) but the food they are sending out of the kitchen looks like it is worht the wait. We were there a couple times right when it opened and they were still working out some of the kinks - but we are thrilled to have this one so close and finally open!

Mango Tree - seems like there is a new opening at City Center every week now. Mango Tree is the upscale Thai restaurant that opened about six months ago. During the spring, we decided to go try it out with Becky and Matt. Our impressions were mixed. It is very sleek and modern - the space is big - taking up two floors and has the look of a scene. Since we went, we have heard from a number of people that they loved it...so perhaps we will give it a second change sometime soon...

Mission Dupont - we went here last week with Dan - it was his pick. Ben is not easily won over by tex-mex - but this was a great spot. The inside is packed and busy (at least on the night we went) and they have a great outdoor area for people-watching and nice dining right off of DuPont. Our food was very good - the fish tacos in particular - and my margarita was just what I needed!

The Pub & the People - last but not least - we have been waiting for this place to open. Right over on North Capitol - Ali and I went last week for a drink and dinner. It was fantastic. Food was solid, service was good, ambiance is cool - I am a big fan. They are working on the patio out front, so hopefully that will be opened up soon but in terms of good spots I am hoping this is trend-setting for North Capitol. My only caveat would be - it got real loud, real fast in there - so if its busy, sit close for conversation!

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