Friday, May 2, 2014

restaurant roundup II.

Time for a restaurant round-up. We have been to some great places of late....

Acqua Al 2 on the Hill and it is a lovely, charming italian place. We had a great meal there a couple weeks ago with Alex and Brittany. It is one of those restaurants I have always heard about and never got to, and now I am hoping it will be in our regular routine when we are craving italian. 

Fainting Goat. We have been meaning to check it out for a couple months now and finally got the chance earlier this week with friends. It was fantastic. The reviews have been luke-warm and so we were cautiously optimistic and it was great. It is right on U street between 13th and 14th and the front of it is small but when you walk in it opens up and is actually a great space. The food was spot on, atmostphere was really nice, location is great and service was solid. All in, a good spot!
Eat the Rich. And last night, we headed over to the Shaw area to get a taste of Eat the Rich. This was actually a last minute change of location but we were all very pleased. (In full disclosure, I was still cleansing, so couldn't do the full test) but the oysters that Ben and friends ate looked great, my fish was very good and the vibe inside is very unique. Loved it - definitely go by!

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