Wednesday, May 7, 2014

go time.

At present, I have a lot of half-finished projects going on in the house that I am determined to finish soon and will report back with pictures and progress! In the meantime and in big news, we are finally going to paint the outside of the house. Wahoo! I am beyond excited. As you might recall, I have been wanting to paint the outside since we moved in, and was reenergized last fall when the house a couple doors down was painted (click here for the previous post). Long story, short - Paco - our fantastic painter who we love - is going to do the job for us. So now it is just a matter of picking a color - and time is of the essence.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Here is the thinking so far. At first, we were talking about a rich, deep gray. And then earlier this week, we both were really liking this navy blue...

However, a very good family friend and more importantly, a designer/architect in New York, noted that while she loved the color, in the summer it is going to "heat up like asphalt". Yikes!

While we haven't taken this color off the table, we are in a "consider it all" moment. What do you all think?!

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