Monday, May 12, 2014


The exterior paint job is still a little ways out but in the meantime our porch has gotten some love in the last month. I bought some black flower boxes at Home Depot a couple weeks ago and spray painted them red for a pop of color and to contrast the brown brick and added an array of flowers. I also replanted the planters that Rags and Mols gave us last year (see here for that post).

I also finally got around to getting us a cute watering can. I would have loved to get a watering can from Terrain - like this one - but they were all sold out and way over the budget. So, I went to Amazon and found this great Hunter Green Watering Can with a little bit of bronze...

And last but not least, we now having rocking chairs on the front porch. For those who don't recall, we have had an ongoing "conversation" about rocking chairs versus a bench - click here if you really care about the debate. I finally gave up and we ordered two Wrightsville Rocking Chairs from Dixie Seating Company. We got them a couple weeks ago and we sit outside watching the street like old geriatrics...rocking back and forth and loving the spring air....

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