Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Last weekend already seems so far away! We were juggling a lot and I had also planned out a whole day in Baltimore for us (because Emily gave us her car key while she is away for the week) but we were so tired and I was so out of it, that that plan never took root. Nevertheless, we had a really great Sunday with two highlights of mention. We woke up and went on a short run to Eastern Market. The purpose of this was to check out Market Lunch inside the North Hall. Alex and Brittany had mentioned the spot to us several times, and it was fantastic!

Yes, the line was very (very!) long. But it actually moves pretty fast and gave us enough time to debate whether to get the buttermilk (my default), blueberry, or blueberry buckwheat (I believe Alex's favorite) pancakes. You end up eating at a long communal table in the middle. Ultimately, we went with buttermilk and blueberry buckwheat because you shouldn't have to choose on a Sunday. The pancakes were accompanied by scrambled eggs, sausage patty, and some great bacon. We loved every bit of it!

We then walked it off with a casual stroll over to the Congressional Cemetery. As you know, I love me some cemeteries. I find them really relaxing and so interesting and we always spent a lot of time in Kentucky walking through Cave Hill Cemetery (click here to remember about that), so there is also a nostalgic element. Anyway, the Congressional Cemetery has been on my list to get to for a very long time and I even added back to the top of my list a couple weeks ago. We loved it.

This cemetery is packed with history - congressional members are buried there, it is old but beautiful, and then on one side there is also a giant prison (only in DC). We highly recommend it for a visit and when we get a dog, they allow you to bring your dog in too!

Oh yeah, and we happened upon Hoover's grave...

And we also stopped and appreciated this gravestone...

Take it from me, I have been in a lot of cemeteries and this is definitely one of the more interesting ones!

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